News from AllianceQ: June 2021

Share Your Story!

Pride worship will particularly celebrate and uplift our trans and non-binary siblings. We are asking for names and/or photos of trans and non-binary members of our community to be displayed during the service. Send us your name, pronouns, photo and a brief sentence (140 words or less). Send your submission to

IMPORTANT: Please only submit your own name and images to which you have the rights to share. By submitting names and photos, you agree to have this information shared publicly during the worship service, which will be streamed live on the world wide web.

Did you register for Pride worship so you can access virtual fellowship following the service?

All details on the June 27 Pride Worship service here.

Show Your Pride

Show your Disciples AllianceQ pride by using our Facebook profile pic frame. Search for “Pride 2021 Disciples AllianceQ.”

Support AllianceQ! We are especially seeking donations on Give Out Day, Wednesday, June 30. Find our Give Out Day campaign here.