Army Chaplain Jonathan Fisher

At the Welcoming Church Event held February 2014 in the Greater Kansas City Region, Jonathan Fisher, a local Army Chaplain, attended and learned the importance of being open in his welcoming ministry to all people.

He writes in this blog post, Coming Out as Inclusive, of his conviction of the importance of welcoming openly.

Here is his statement of affirmation:

No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.
Really, I mean that.
     Liberal, Conservative, Independent, and Apathetic.
     Fat, Skinny, In-between and Struggling.
     Atheist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Pagan, Heathen, and None.
     Seeing a theme here? If I left you out, know that I include you.
     Gay, Straight, and Everything in Between.
     Church Going and Church Avoiding.
You are welcome here.
     As your chaplain, I make you this promise
          I will not judge you.
          I will not condemn you.
          I will ask the hard questions necessary for growth.
          I will extend the grace of God to you.