Colors of Hope Retreat

Gather with LGBTQ+ people of faith and allies from across the Church to hope in color and enjoy the colorful foliage at Christmount with the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance. By engaging the spiritual practices from the devotional journal Colors of Hope, you will be encouraged and equipped to embody your faith—and queer your spirituality. With an emphasis on connection over content, you are invited to join the book’s editor and authors to wonder, resist, embody, create, hope, stretch, and share. >> Register for the Colors of Hope Retreat <<

Learn and unlearn and rest

Sessions, sermons, spiritual practices, and conversation with Tyler Heston, William DeShay C. Jackson, Melissa Guthrie, Brendan Y. Boone, Allen V. Harris, and Marian Edmonds-Allen. More featured guests to be added!

Along with programmed opportunities: intentional space for rest, restoration, and restorying.

Event Registration is open!

Registration includes lodging, meals, and all retreat activities. Costs are already subsidized and we encourage everyone who is able to select the regular registration rate. Sharing a bunk room is the most affordable way to participate in the retreat (and live in community!).

Room reservation and one registration: $475

This option secures registration for one person and a room with one king bed, two queen beds, or four bunk beds.

Room reservation and one registration for students/restricted income: $350

This option is for students or individuals with restricted income and secures registration for one person and a room with one king bed, two queen beds, or four bunk beds. When reserving your tickets, use this discount code: hopingincolor.

Additional registration: $225

This option secures an additional registration for someone in a shared room.

Room types are limited. The registration form will collect information about dietary or accessibility needs. Read Christmount’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement.

Registration closes on September 10 (or when the gathering reaches capacity).

>> Register for the Colors of Hope Retreat <<

Tip Sheet: A Few Scenarios for Ticket Types and Cost

“My partner and I are both attending the retreat and will share a room with one king bed.”

$475 room reservation that includes one registration + $225 additional registration = $700, only $350 per person

“Four of us will share a room with two queen beds.”

$475 room reservation that includes one registration + three additional registrations at $225 each = $1,150, only $287.50 per person

“Eight of us will share a bunk room and community space.”

$475 room reservation that includes one registration + seven additional registrations at $225 each = $2,050, only $256.50 per person

Coming Soon

The rhythm of the retreat: a full schedule will be released in advance of the retreat.

COVID safety: updates on the latest policies and procedures will be posted as the event nears. Please note that we will adhere to Christmount’s restrictions and guidelines which require either proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test result up to 10 days prior to your arrival.

Ride share board: are you looking for someone with whom to share a ride? A ride share board will be posted this fall.

  • People driving from a distance who have room in their car.
  • People renting a car from the airport.
  • People who live in the city of nearby airports and can offer you a ride on their way.
  • People flying into Asheville and want to share an Uber/Lyft.

We have not gathered in-person for more than two years. We know people are longing for connection and we know our world needs beauty, hope, healing, and love to color every corner. Ministry partners will help make the retreat possible and accessible through discounted rates and scholarship support.

Be a Ministry Partner

We invite you to collaborate with us as a sponsor, exhibitor, or supporter as we host the Colors of Hope Retreat at Christmount October 24-27. Will you make a gift to AllianceQ in support of the Colors of Hope Retreat and our ministry alongside the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)? Exhibitor display space is limited and available to those with the earliest reservation. Anyone–everyone–can support the retreat with a donation of any amount. Make a donation here.

More info and guidelines for ministry partners here. All inquiries can be directed to

About the Book

Colors of Hope: A Devotional Journal from LGBTQ+ Christians draws upon the iconic Pride flag and raises a call to embody our beliefs. The book is an expansive resource for personal growth and collective change. “Hoping in color” brings the joy, beauty, and power of the rainbow to life.

About AllianceQ

The Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender-diverse people of faith, educates and equips faith communities for understanding, affirming, and including LGBTQ+ persons, and collaborates with ecumenical partners for intersectional justice work.

The Colors of Hope Retreat is made possible with the support of these ministry partners

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