Woodland Christian Church: An Open & Affirming Congregation

I was asked if I believe in God and I said yes because I do not believe in chaos.  Chaos is defined, Webster’s Dictionary, as a state where chance is supreme…. a state of utter confusion.  I recognize God as the authority being in control and providing order and reason.  Some people fail to understand that what is called science confirms instead of replacing the existence of God since science cannot exist in a place where chance is supreme.  To communicate with any human being the form of communication must be at a level within the range of human understanding.  We, human beings, must recognize that our knowledge and understanding is inferior to that of God.  This means that God provides me what is sufficient for me but because of my limited range as a human must be limited incomplete information and understanding.  I do not know why God permits experiences that, by human judgment, are evil and are a form of chaos.  I was asked why did I think I was to understand what is beyond human understanding?  Sometimes a question is more helpful than a direct answer.  I am not meant to understand what is beyond human understanding.  By being asked why I expected such understanding  I was helped to accept God’s Will and his creating me at this level.

Two proven useful, successful methods of instruction in the Bible are the use of allegory (symbols) and stories.  These two methods frequently are combined to teach us a truth beyond the story or symbol. The story of Adam and Eve located in the Garden of Eden is an attempt to justify the imperfections of the human species through what is called the “down fall” of Adam.  I believe that many people will recognize Eve talking with the snake in this story is an allegory.  I also believe that many others who believe God dictated the Bible are convinced this conversation with the snake occurred.  As part of an Open & Affirming Congregation I am free to continue to evolve in my understanding as God leads me in this life journey.  This means that my understanding will differ from others with some having greater and others lesser understanding of God’s Will and accomplishments.  Some instructions in the Bible in this time period are recognized as being evil while others were meant for a specific period of time and a specific group of people such as the butchering of animals in the Temple.  I am sure that many current religious institutions continue with instructions that future generations will recognize as being evil.

I personally believe the best description for God is infinity instead of trinity and there never was a perfect human being (Adam) who could become imperfect and thus curse the human species.  I cannot instruct or measure God who I do believe is in charge and that Jesus is not God but is connected with God and does his will.  Jesus, for me, is the best known source of doing God’s Will and becoming like Enoch acceptable to “walk with God.”

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