News from AllianceQ: March 2020

Membership + Belonging

During the month of March we’re focusing on membership + belonging: the families and communities to which we belong, finding belonging with families of choice. Stories of Welcome from families who found or shaped welcome.

Being a member of AllianceQ is important; it can be transformative, for you individually, for us collectively. We’re finding that we can better communicate why being a member is important. And so your stories and reasons and responses are helping us deepen the purpose for and benefits of membership with AllianceQ. Tell us Y AllianceQ; why are you a member?Not a member? Join AllianceQ!

Rev. Ron Routledge, he/him/his
Regional Minister, Christian Church (DOC) of Mid America
Because I believe in the work of ensuring a place at God’s welcome table for everyone and the education AllianceQ offers to congregations and pastors in providing this welcome.

Rev. Dr. Katie Hays, she/her/hers
Lead evangelist, Galileo Church, Fort Worth, TX
The Disciples AllianceQ helps me make explicit the inclusion our church intends to embody. We have to be clear, so that no vulnerable soul is left wondering whether our “All are welcome!” really truly means *they* are welcome. LGBTQ+ beloveds have been on the receiving end of explicitly unwelcoming theology for so long! We’re grateful for AllianceQ, helping our whole church articulate the welcome God has offered to all of us, the same.

Alysha Laperche (they/them/theirs)
AllianceQ Ministry Intern and Student, Phillips Theological Seminary
When we contribute to this work, the gifts we give are not simply transactional; they are transformational. We give so that people who have been hurt; people who are burnt-out on church; people who are not really sure if they have a place at the table; people who are not really sure if they are loved by God; people like me; might have a personal experience of welcome and belonging. As Disciples, as a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world, we give because we understand that we are called to extend welcome and offer belonging to others; just as we belong because welcome was first extended to us.

Rev. Josh Sawyer, he/him/his
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Omaha, NE
I am a member of the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance – AllianceQ because I believe being a part of and supporting groups that promote dignity, respect and work toward wholeness is an important part of my faith.

Rev. Sara Nave Fisher, she/her/hers
Senior Minister, Rolling Oaks Christian Church, San Antonio, TX
I’m a member of AllianceQ because it’s not enough to say nothing. Membership to me is a way to support — both existentially by my name on a list as well as tangibly through dues — the widening of the welcome pithing the denomination. Because our polity is not top-down, it can only flourish through pastors and laypeople and congregations, one by one, joining in. It isn’t so much about my ‘needing’ the Alliance as it is about me wanting to offer myself and my gifts for the Whole Church.

We look forward to more deeply engaging you, our members. You’ll continue to receive Crossbeams, our monthly newsletter. You’ll also get more invitations and more tools to show up, stand up, speak out and share. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean more email. And not necessarily time. But for some of you, time.) We know you have gifts to bring to the table as we widen the welcome at the table.

Time, talents and treasures. Never heard that, huh? Some of you have the gift of time. Some of you have talents that will enhance this work. Some of you have financial resources (or you know how we can diversify our funding or secure grants or…) If you want more information about possibly sharing your gifts with a ministry team of the Alliance, fill out this interest form. If you have a friend or church member or neighbor or barista with gifts for this work of welcome, fill out this referral form. U are AllianceQ. U are shaping welcome and justice in our movement for wholeness.

You are a gift. I am a gift. Our embodied selves are profound, sacred gifts. And so your name, your membership, your contribution of cash or creativity or conviction: all of this, all of us, We are AllianceQ.

We are shaping stories of welcome as we live into God’s story of love and grace.

Did you fill out the Y AllianceQ survey? Please do! We want to hear from you.

Not a member? Become a member or renew your membership today.

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Also this month: the intersection of parenting + queerness. Stay tuned!