Resources for the Welcoming Journey

You can join in AllianceQ's mission to transform the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) into a just and inclusive church that welcomes persons of all gender expressions and sexual identities into the full life and leadership of the church.

Your annual contribution works to build a church where ALL are welcome.

Contributions maintain your AllianceQ membership and make this work possible. Want to contribute without becoming a member of AllianceQ? Just select "Non-member" under AllianceQ Membership Type.

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If you prefer, we are happy to accept contributions by check. Be sure to note your name, your partner's name if a couples membership, your congregation, and your email address.

Checks can be mailed to:

      Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance
      P.O. Box 44400
      Indianapolis, IN 46244

The Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and your contribution may be tax deductible.

Do you want to make a contribution to demonstrate confidence in our new Executive Director and Minister and to invest in the future of the Alliance?

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Contribution to the Chuck Carpenter Leadership Development Fund

Supports participation by students, seminarians and low income persons in AllianceQ activities.


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