GLAD Easter Writing Project 2014

We are getting ready for the 3rd Annual GLAD Alliance 2014 Easter Writing Project and we want to hear YOUR VOICES!

You may ask, What is the Easter Writing Project?

This project brings one voice to the conversation of sexuality and faith daily through a writing piece.   Each day of Eastertide, we publish thoughts from various corners of the church spanning age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, role in the church, and location.  It is our prayer that these essays will spark conversation all manifestations of Christ’s church.

So you might be wondering, What is the writing prompt this year?

This year, it is short and sweet.

Writing Prompt:
Why should the church care about marriage?

As the climate of our country changes with 15 states now legalizing same-sex marriage and the District of Columbia, it begs the question – what does the church have to do with it?  In many places, it is the courts who seem to have the final say.  Should the church be in this conversation as well?  What should it say? Where should it say it?

Other Frequently Asked Questions


When will the project begin?

This project begins posting an essay each day beginning April 20th 2014 (Easter Sunday) and ending Sunday June 8th.

Who is invited to write an essay?

We are looking for voices in the denomination who share in the work of justice to make the walls of the church inclusive of all people.  Are you interested in contributing your voice?  We hope so!  We want voices from all  people: gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, white, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, single, married, young, old, lay, clergy, elders, people-taking-a-break-from-church.   You name it – you are included – YOU!

Okay, well I am interested in writing, but what should this essay really look like?

We are looking for reflections of all genres – first person accounts of experiences of people with churches using their voice, examinations of biblical mandates about marriage from a more scholarly background, poems about your view of the connection of your church and marriage, essays on what you think!  What is most important is that each contributor uses his or her authentic voice in reflecting on this question.  We hope to add many new and exciting textures to the conversation in the wider Christian community and in our denomination (The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)).  We are open also to writers outside the denomination.  In a post-denominational age, all means all means all denominations and Christian traditions included as well!

How long should it be?

As long as it takes.  If you want a limit, give yourself 500 words.  If you don’t want a limit and you have a lot less or more to say, we want to hear it.

I am ready to turn it in, who do I turn it in to and what information do you need?

 Please email to Audrey Connor at  We ask only this: Please include your name, your email to which people can respond, the name of your congregation, and your role in your home congregation (i.e, member, elder, minister, or visitor) and/or your role in your region.

You will be emailed that it is received and you will be emailed about the day it will be published.

What is the deadline?

You heard the project starts April 20th, right?  The short answer is that we would love to have your piece by April 6th…. However, we know you might be a procrastinator like us.  Here is what we really want – as soon as you think you want to write, email Audrey Connor and share the news with her –  She will celebrate your desire to contribute and she can help you with any questions.  She will also give you a precise date you will be published and your own due date.

What is Eastertide?   

Eastertide is a liturgical season of the church much like Lent, Christmas, Advent, and Pentecost.  Eastertide is a fifty day season that begins on Easter (April 20th this year) and ends on the day of Pentecost  (June 8th).  The GLAD Alliance Easter Writing Project is a glimpse of the new life happening in the life of the church as it pertains to fighting for inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Christians in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Do you have other questions we have not thought of?

Contact Audrey at


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