Welcoming Us

As a gay couple, we knew that we would not be accepted in many of the main line denominations, yet we knew we were not the type who would be comfortable at a predominately gay church either.  We had tried a “gay church” before and knew that if our families would not be comfortable worshiping with us, then it was not the congregation for us.

So when my partner’s job transferred him to the Kansas City area we needed to find a new church family. After visiting several gay-friendly churches, we worshiped at New Song Church in the Liberty area.  It was a small congregation, with other gay and lesbian members. The people were genuine, caring, accepting and loving.  The congregation was very active in social justice activities, as well as being devoted to studying the word of God. The most important issue is that the congregation truly follows the examples of Christ, in that they love everyone. This include us, the gay Christians of this world. We have been happy to become members and have made many friends in this congregation.

The members of New Song are of all ages, from young to old, some of us are gay but most are straight. Some with little previous experiences with gays, others have siblings, children or friends that are gay. The fact is that no matter who they are, we have everyone’s love, support and friendship for five years that we have been there. We thank God and New Song Church for accepting us and welcoming us to such a loving enlightened church family.

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