Affirming of All!

I grew up as a gay man trapped in the Southern Baptist body.  I’m Steven, and I love Christ Jesus!  My love for the faith community, from early on, was my world.  I always felt I had to balance the trepidation, one being that someone would find out that I was gay, and the unthinkable horrible loss, and alternative of losing my faith family forever would crash my life to bits. I had an intense desire to always be a part of the ministries of the church upon asking Christ into my heart at 14 years of age.  It was always clear that being gay was considered the unacceptable intolerable.  If they ever knew my soul, then I could never be considered the equal.  I just kept believing that the blood Christ shed had made all of us equally accepted at the feet of the cross.  Ultimately, I left Southern Baptist life in search of myself, and in search of a church family that would love me for who I was.  It has been a long journey!  My breakthrough came when I realized it was not a church I was looking for but an intimacy with Christ that was more than what I had yet to experience!  Finding myself at place where I could no longer continue with the same old routine of life, it was evident Christ was teaching me to hunger more for him. This revelation let me to seek an immersion experience with His Holy Spirit!  I am now blessed through the workings of the Holy Spirit of Christ to have been a part of the assemblage other church and which all people are welcome at the table of Christ, and where service and ministry no no obstacles of orientation!  Our only mandate is to believe in Him, Christ crucified for our sins, resurrected, with the profession of Jesus as Lord and Savior!   We encourage the example of the early church, and the distribution of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be exercised by everyone to whom they are given.  I have not only found a church family, but the Kingdom of Christ being created among us as He, Christ, intends for it to be.  I have never been happier than this immersion in Him, and seeing Him manifest His glory as we gather together, a bunch of Whosoevers!  

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