News from AllianceQ: June 2021

Welcoming and Affirming LGBTQ+ Older Adults

From the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America, a webinar on welcoming and affirming LGBTQ elders.

Join us Tuesday, June 15

9 a.m. PT | 10 a.m. MT | 11 a.m. | CT | 12 p.m. ET

Through sharing and a lively discussion, learn how to create a deeper sense of belonging and relationship with LGBTQ older adults within your congregation; support LGBTQ older adults on their journey toward peace and reconciliation; and offer connections and support as an extended family of faith.
Led by: Sherrill Wayland, Director of National Education Initiatives at SAGE, national organization for advocacy and services for LGBT elders, and Dr. Kim Leon, Assistant Director, Columbia Area Older Adult Ministry, Hospice Chaplain, Phillips Seminary student
Facilitated by Jan Aerie, M.S. Family Counselor, Gerontologist, Coordinator of the Region’s Older Adult Ministries