News from AllianceQ: May 2022

The Whole Body of Christ: Reflections from the EDM

So we’re having a baby–soon. Pending the release of our newsletter and the volatility of my wife’s high-risk pregnancy, baby may already be here. It’s been an interesting journey as the non-gestational parent, which I was five years ago with our daughter.

Our emotions surrounding the birth of our baby swirl alongside the recent news that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade. The decision could have a far-reaching impact on LGBTQ+ youth and families. On our family and your family. The whole Body of Christ.

AllianceQ has been collaborating with ecumenical partners to address anti-trans legislation and support our queer siblings. We will continue and widen that work. Initially prepared to address anti-trans legislation, Colors of Hope contributor Marian Edmonds-Allen shares ways folks can take action:
  • Hold a trans-supportive event, especially by people of faith.  Churches can REALLY step up here.
  • Reach out to elected officials of all levels – seriously, from school board / city council right up to federal.  Every person matters and the need is to share support for trans youth and their families, especially with personal stories.
  • Double-down on outreach and welcome to LGBTQ+ young people by churches and faith groups.

And from Family Equality, here’s what you can do:

Having collected these actions from others, tell us how you are affirming and supporting one another. Is your church hosting an event or digging in to these family issues? Email us so we can share and/or collaborate.

My family welcomes prayers just as we pray for the whole Body of Christ. Affirmation, Love, and Liberation for ALL.