News from AllianceQ: June 2021

Pronouns Playlist: From DPF Intern Ashlyn Baldwin

Originally published in Peace Notes from Disciples Peace Fellowship

Playlists are a helpful way of meaningfully engaging with an idea or topic.

They can be used as small group discussion starters, for personal devotions, or as a place to jump into an important subject.

This isn’t a music thing at all. It comes from religious educators who were looking for meaningful ways to engage topics during the pandemic.

The 2021 DPF Peace Interns are creating Playlists this summer as a helpful way to share the resources they are discovering/developing for the Peace and Justice Workshops they are leading at camps.

For each Peace & Justice Playlist you’ll find a series of resources (ice-breaker games, video clips, discussion starters, scripture suggestions, prayers, tangible take-aways, and much much more) all linked under specific headings (“Something to Break the Ice”, “Something to Watch”, “Something to Talk About”, etc).

Grateful for the work of DPF, AllianceQ finds the Pronouns Playlist especially helpful.

Pronouns Playlist from DPF Intern Ashlyn Baldwin

Also, this Gender Stereotypes Playlist from DPF Intern Marisa Black

Thank you, DPF Interns and Brian Frederick-Gray!

Article originally published in Peace Notes, June 2021.