News from AllianceQ: March 2023

Arts Engagement at General Assembly: intersections with AllianceQ and Colors of Hope

AllianceQ is so excited for this year’s General Assembly and the ARTS ENGAGEMENT that is unfolding. What is art? Are you an artist? In this conversation between our General Minister and President Rev. Terri Hord Owens and Rev. Tyler Heston, Tyler suggests that each of us is an artist and we can be immersed in the story of the Kindom of God.

There are 27 shoutouts to AllianceQ and Colors of Hope (maybe not 27) and we urge you to watch and lean in. And REGISTER. Register for General Assembly and the AllianceQ dinner banquet and after session that focus on “Art and Activism in the Kindom.” Earlybird registration has been extended through April 15.

With an emphasis on CONNECTION, AllianceQ is hosting several formal and informal activities at GA.

Direct link to registration here.

WE NEED YOUR INPUT AND PRESENCE. Would you like to be part of our General Assembly Planning Team? Will you help with our booth, dinner, after session, and other activities? In person or virtually. Share your interests and availability in this General Assembly Planning Team information form.