News from AllianceQ: April 2021

An Invitation to Celebrate from General Minister + President Rev. Terri Hord Owens: Pentecost Sunday

“Let’s let the fire fall once again. Let’s let the Spirit reenergize us as we remember our call to not only love God but to love one another… We say that we welcome all to the Lord’s table as God has welcomed us. If we want to affirm the limitless love of God then surely we want to breathe life into this work.”

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) General Minister and President Rev. Terri Hord Owens invites you to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ordination of Rev. Allen V. Harris and his life-giving ministry; she invites you to give to the Allen V. Harris Open & Affirming Ministries Endowment Fund to breathe life into the work and ministry of AllianceQ, building a more just and inclusive church.

RSVP for the May 23 virtual celebration here.

Find details about this ministry and fund here:

News Stories about the Celebration + Campaign

Love and care not hatred and shame: a video interview about the magic of relationship in the O&A journey (published April 2021)

Behind the scenes: years and years of love and support (March 2021)

Birthday blessings: Allen Harris opts for birthday gifts to build up Open & Affirming Ministries Endowment Fund (February 2021)

Celebrating the ministry of Allen V. Harris: Exquisite beauty and profound pain (January 2021)

Donate Now

Mail gifts to Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance, Allen V. Harris Fund, P.O. Box 44400, Indianapolis, IN 46244 or give online. That secure link directs gifts to the Allen V. Harris Open & Affirming Ministries Endowment Fund.

Make a pledge

Email Executive Director + Minister Rev. Melissa Guthrie Loy to communicate your intent for a gift. Your pledge will be honored at the celebration in May of 2021. Pledged gifts can be made throughout 2021-2022, in full or installments. We are glad to work with you and financial advisors to steward your giving. Rev. Guthrie Loy can be reached by phone at 317.721.5230.

The Allen V. Harris Open & Affirming Ministries Endowment Fund has received gifts and pledges from the following supporters:

Laura Jean Allen and Kit Romero

Karen and Wayne Barr

Robert Allan Blair, Jr.

Steven Blinder and Keith Miller

Ben Bohren

Renee and Steve Bridwell

Nancy Brink and Maria Perez

David and Rebecca Brown

Cheryl Brush and Al Terry

LaTaunya Bynum

Jason Carson Wilson

Audrey Connor

Eleanor Cozad Cherryholmes

Ann B. Day and Donna E. Enberg

Alan Dicken

Leigh and David Finnegan-Hosey

Allen Foster & Gerry Brague

Melissa and Leah Guthrie Loy

Dick and Mindy Hamm

Allen Harris and Craig Hoffman

Tyler Heston

Paul and MaryEllen Huber

Bill and Mary Jacobs

Sandhya Jha

Randy and Sandy Johnson

Belinda King

Don King

Michael Kinnamon

Dennis Landon and Lana Hartman Landon

Cynthia McBride

Michele McGuirl

John and Jensene Payne

Raymond Person

Chett Pritchett

J. Cy Rowell

Debbie Saxe

Dale Schneidmiller

Wayne Sparrow

Richard Sturm

Diana Tyler

Joanne VerBurg

Byron and Luther Young, II

Richard and Peggy Ziglar


If your name is not listed and you give us permission to print your name, please contact us. Donors list updated on a rolling basis. If you donated to the fund through a PayPal fundraiser, please contact us to give permission for printing your name(s). We are grateful for the overwhelming support.