News from AllianceQ: March 2023

A more inclusive Women's History Month

With a vision of Affirmation, Love, and Liberation for ALL, AllianceQ appreciates how GenderGP is celebrating all genders this Women’s History Month. GenderGP is an online health and wellbeing clinic which proudly serves transgender people of all ages across the world – and those who support them.

The organization writes about intersectionality within the feminist movement:

“There have been concerns over the years that women’s rights movements have been exclusively, or at least primarily, focussed [sic] on cis, heterosexual, white and economically advantaged women. The feminist movement has not always advocated for women from minority groups.

However, we are now seeing much more inclusion of women of colour, Black women, queer women and trans women in feminist discourses.”

Who are we celebrating this month? What voices and bodies are missing? Here’s more from GenderGP:

“To achieve true gender equality, we not only need to dismantle the patriarchy but also erase the gender binary. This does not mean that women and men as gender identities will be erased. But, they will no longer stand in opposition to one another, allowing for more freedom of expression of all genders. This will benefit cis people too.

Moreover, we need to be careful in defining certain issues as ‘women’s issues’ who can only be discussed by women. There are many trans men and non-binary people who are also affected by the same issues women are. Therefore, a trans-inclusive movement is beneficial to all, not only women.

It is not feminism if it does not include ALL women and other gender identities who suffer discrimination under the patriarchy.”

All quotes are from “Women’s History Month 2023: How the Feminist Movement has Evolved.”

ALL. Affirmation, Love, Liberation for ALL.

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