Celebrating and demonstrating Pride, AllianceQ presents a month of liturgical resources that embody the all-inclusive, just love of Jesus with God’s power and peace. A new worship element and resource for use and distribution will be added each week of Pride Month concluding with a live-streamed Pride Worship Service featuring Disciples LGBTQ+ leaders from across the United States and Canada. Join AllianceQ on Sunday, June 28, at 6 p.m. CDT, for the Pride service titled RIOT: Turning Over Tables. Scroll down for welcoming worship resources.

This Pride, the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance is offering a Pride service on Sunday, June 28, at 6 p.m., called RIOT: Turning Over Tables.  As we remember together that Pride is rooted in the bold resistance of trans women of color at Stonewall in 1969, we remember that Pride is about resistance. Together, we will name our history by confessing the ways in which Pride has been too often co-opted by white voices, by celebrating leaders like Marsha P. Johnson and centering LGBTQIA+ voices of color, and by considering together the ways in which God’s spirit is inviting us to turn over all tables of injustice as we make our way to our seat at Christ’s table. 

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Whether you are an ally or part of the LGBTQIA+ community, or questioning in liminal sacred space, we walk beside you in your faith and life journeys.


From Sunday, May 31, Pentecost lifts up the ways in which we might be filled with the sudden, fiery Spirit of God. Pride month arose with the bold resistance of trans women of color after a violent police raid on the Stonewall Inn in June 1969. This year, Pentecost and Pride are finding definition in the unrest and the uprisings erupting across our country and globe in specific response to the murder of George Floyd and in broad response to police violence against black and brown people as well as centuries of racist violence and oppression. The Spirit of God is pouring herself out, driving us to cry for wholeness, knowing that “no one is free until we are all free.” [1]

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contributed by puck glass (it/its/they/them)

One: We gather as one across many lands, in many sacred spaces we set our own tables of welcome.
All: Thanks be to God for places of welcome.
One: We are united by the past struggles of our community and ones to come in the future.
All: Thanks be to God for places of struggle.
One: We look toward a future as bright as the many colors of the rainbow.
All: Thanks be to God for places of dreaming.
One: We imagine a world filled with the strange, the sacred, the queer, the peculiar, and the awe-filled – and everywhere we turn, from the spotless lady bug, to the four leaf clover, to our own hearts we find the wonder-ful.
All: Thanks be to God for places of wonder. Thanks be to God.


contributed by puck glass (it/its/they/them)

God of love,

Sanctify this space today

Our own sacred and holy spaces – the tables where we find you, the closets where we find ourselves in you, the relationships where we come to know you more.

Make the spaces where each of us finds ourselves today a reflection of your love and grace.

God of rainbows,

Today we celebrate the many colors by which we all gather

The colors that shape our identities

The many colors that make up our flags

The many colors that make up our bodies

Let us find that each of these shades is a reflection of your love for us.

God of peace and justice,

As we remember the struggle that unites us in our heritage

Let us not forget that this fight is not over

While we celebrate today, remind us that tomorrow there is still work to be done

Not only in our community, but in too many marginalized communities

Let our love extend like your love, well beyond our own created borders.

God of grace,

May we find grace as abundant as yours in learning from each other

May we find the grace to make mistakes and to continue learning

May we find the grace to radically expand our welcomes

May we find grace to breathe in slowly… and know we are filled with enough.


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[1] Martin Luther King, Jr., (1963), https://mlkglobal.org/