News from AllianceQ: November 2015

What's so Important About Being Open & Affirming?

What’s so important about being Open & Affirming? you might ask. Of course, there are many answers, one for every LGBT person who’s ever stepped foot in a church, one for every LGBT person who has had an unwelcome experience at church, one for every straight person who has come to understand that welcome is for everyone. And, we all know that for too many LGBT people, there isn’t a story for them of welcome and affirmation (yet).

It is so important to share our stories. Our stories remind us of where we have been. Our stories help us imagine where we can go.

When Open & Affirming congregations share their stories, other congregations can imagine becoming O&A.

When LGBT people share their stories, all of our congregations can see how important Open & Affirming ministry is.

There are two new stories up on the GLAD website this month.

This story, shared with us by Rev. Tanya Tucker, pastor of Chalice Christian Church in London, KY, reminds us that we share our Open & Affirming welcome to minister to our neighbors.

And in this video, John at Downtown Disciples in Des Moines, IA, shares with us how he has found a place to walk humbly, do justice, and love mercy.

These and more stories can be found in the Welcoming Openly section of the GLAD website’s Inspirations tab.

The GLAD website has many stories available, and we would like to add yours! Can you make a video, write a few paragraphs, send some photos, and tell your story to show what Open & Affirming ministry means to you?

You can send us your stories at Thanks!