News from AllianceQ: May 2019

The Alliance Needs Your Support

AllianceQ has lots of plans for General Assembly in Des Moines this July: pre-Assembly events, workshops, banquet, our exhibit booth, resources to distribute, safe space gatherings, and of course t-shirts!

All of these are important to further our mission to build a church where all are welcome. The resources we can provide to churches, the information we can share in workshops, and simply the witness of presence at our booth and as people wear our t-shirts at the Assembly and after: these contribute to the message that all are welcome, and encourage and enable others to join us in this work.

And, of course, our presence at the Assembly costs real dollars.

Yes, many people contribute to the Alliance during the Assembly, and this helps us cover the cost of our presence. But our costs to create the items for distribution at the Assembly, the cost of the booth, and other costs we have to pay now.

Can you help us out now?

– If you are not a member of the Alliance – would you click here and join today?

– If you are already a member of the Alliance – would you click here and make an extra membership contribution?

– Would you ask one other person to join the Alliance today? They can do that at

– Would you ask your church to forward a contribution to the Alliance this month?

Yes – together, we can build a church where all people are welcome!