News from AllianceQ: May 2018

Hot Mike Pence, Columbus Pride Fest, and North Christian Church

Tonja Gerardy, Transitional Minister at North Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana, shared with us these pictures from the town’s inaugural Pride Fest in Columbus, IN on April 14.

Columbus, IN, you ask? Yes – you might know it as the home town of Mike Pence. That would, of course, be the reason for the person costumed as “Hot Mike Pence,” who was posing for pictures and collecting donations for the Indy Youth Group (Which Tonja describes as “a wonderful group for LGBTQ youth based in Indianapolis”).

North Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) had a booth at the Pride Fest and they report that “We met folks from California, New York, Kansas City, Georgia…all over! People flew in specifically to support this event. It was great!”

Here are some pictures from the event, and if you want to read more, here’s a story from The Republic in Columbus and here’s a story from the Indianapolis Star.

And Tonja asked us to send a special thanks to Steve Martz and Central CC, Indianapolis, for loaning their banners!

Happy Pride, everyone!