News from AllianceQ: March 2018

Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit Trainings Coming to You!

Are you interested in building yet more welcome in your congregation? in your region? and in the Christian Church?

Of course you are! That’s why a Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit Training is for you!

And I know, I know… you’re already starting to think – “My congregation isn’t ready to become Open & Affirming…” But – that’s the whole point! This training will show you how to move a congregation from not ready, step by step, to Open & Affirming.

Trainings are coming to Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, and Washington in the next couple of months. You can see them all on our calendar here.

Based on the Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit, these trainings will give you a hands on, in depth experience of the tools of Graceful Engagement, One to One Conversations, Storytelling, and more.

The tools and the process outlined in the Toolkit enable a congregation to discover where it currently stands on the journey of ever increasing welcome and to create a plan to become an Open & Affirming congregation.

So use the links on our Calendar to find a training near you and sign up today!

For questions and more information contact Mark Johnston, Executive Director of AllianceQ’s Open & Affirming Ministry Program, at

Several of these workshops are offered by our Lutheran friends at ReconcilingWorks. As you plan on attending one of these workshops, do be in contact with Mark Johnston for more information on resources for Disciples congregations.