News from AllianceQ: March 2020

At the Intersection: Parenting + Queerness, "All God's children" by Amanda Skinner

*contributed by Amanda Skinner (she/her/hers), Johns Creek Christian Church, Johns Creek , Georgia

My family and I had to leave our non-affirming church church over a year ago, where we were all deeply involved and had many friends and relationships. However, our church was not moving their views on affirming LGBTQ+ Christians, and my husband and I had to move our family to a place where ALL God’s children feel safe, welcome, and affirmed…

I am presently a children’s ministry leader at JCC, as well as a deacon. I also have three children aged 12, and twins who are 10. One of whom is transgender… I want to be a part of helping spread the word and message to all people that ALL of us are welcome at the Table.

Stay tuned for Amanda’s story about parenting, to be posted mid March.

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