News from AllianceQ: December 2017

Annual Fall Fundraiser

Yes, it’s that time of year when the Alliance asks you to reach into your pocket and support us a bit more. You’ve been reading in Crossbeams about the trainings that the Alliance has provided to congregations, about the events where the Alliance has been present, and the resources that the Alliance provides.

None of these things are free, though we do our best to provide them at minimal or no cost to our pastors, church leadership, and congregations.

Yes, we are currently keeping up with this year’s budget – because we budgeted less. Giving from you, from congregations, and from members has been going down and we’ve had to plan on doing less with less money. We received $20,000 less from our members in 2016 than in 2015, and we budgeted appropriately in 2017.

You can see an overview of our finances in the Report to Membership that we distributed at the General Assembly.

Next year we want to see Dr. Johnston, Executive Director of our Open & Affirming Ministry Program, provide the valuable Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit Training in as many of our regions as possible. We want to see AllianceQ present at all of our Regional Assemblies. We want to work for justice with our Disciples partners at Disciples Justice Action Network, Disciples Peace Fellowship, and Reconciliation, along with other justice movements in the Christian Church.

Our annual Fall Fundraiser letter went out last week. You can read a copy of that letter here.

How can you help?

  • First, you can pray for us. Knowing that we have your prayerful support is vital!
  • You can keep us informed about the needs in your congregation and region.
  • You can renew your membership in the Alliance or become a member today.
  • You can encourage your friends to become members of AllianceQ.
  • You can make sure that your congregation is contributing to the Alliance.

Contributions can be mailed or submitted via PayPal. The information you need to do that is here.

Questions? Contact Mark Johnston at