Day 21: The Gospel Message is God’s Love and Grace

Marriage is both a civil and a religious institution. Marriage is recognized in our laws as conferring certain rights and responsibilities by law.

Marriage is also a sacramental covenant of relationship between two people who love each other. Thus, it is altogether appropriate that the church be involved in and support this ceremony of commitment between two people.

The church supports committed couples as they raise their children. The family is the nuclear relationship through which children are loved and cared for and from which they learn to trust and adapt themselves to acceptable social behaviors. The church helps families raise their children, form a relationship with God, and behave with compassion toward others.

The church needs to take the lead in supporting same-sex marriage not only in the law but also, and most especially, within its various denominations. Same-sex couples often raise children and benefit from the church’s support and involvement in raising their children.

There are many examples of when a committed same-sex relationship can be diminished or made more complicated by barriers created by the law or religious dogma. When facing decisions about medical care, hospitalization, adoption of a partner’s child, inheritance, and other matters, same-sex couples do not need the complications and extra stress from civil or religious rules. Many businesses and governmental entities have taken all the steps they can to address these problems, but the church is lagging behind.

It seems incredible to me that some churches are so far behind civil society and the courts in recognizing this fundamental civil and sacred right. The message of the Gospel is about God’s love and grace for all people. The Church needs to embody that message and support same-sex marriage.

Why do YOU think the church should care about marriage?