Queen Anne Christian Church, Seattle, WA

Queen Anne Christian Church
is a community of seekers and friends
~ faithful, hopeful, loving ~
striving to follow Christ on the great adventure.
We encourage ourselves, and each other,
to live and love in grace.
We gather, we welcome.
We sing, we pray.
We break bread.
We learn, we teach.
We grow.
We are open to, and affirming of,
the full participation of all
as equal members in Christ’s Body:
People of all colors, shapes, and sizes;
People of varied abilities;
People of all life experiences and backgrounds;
People of all sexual orientations
and gender identities;
Children and elders, and all in between
No matter where we are on our spiritual journey,
God’s love is big enough for all of us.
Christ’s call is strong enough for each of us.
The Spirit is moving among and between us.