Glad Alliance Easter Writing Project

During the fall of 2010 we at Midway Hills Christian Church were nearing the end of a very protracted struggle to discern the future of our fifty year plus congregation. Already we had been an “Open & Affirming Congregation” for many years. Now it was time to act on our resolve to renovate the sanctuary and ask people to “step up to the plate” and commit to a capital campaign knowing if we did nothing our life as “church” together would end, but that if we held at this point and did SOMETHING we believed that we would survive and thrive, and we have.

So now our new sanctuary is occupied by the faithful still ready to face “the real stuff of life” together….and in the “togetherness” lies our newly rediscovered strength.

Do we find it more difficult to sing because we are diverse?

Do we find it more difficult to pray because we are diverse?

Do we find we are inconvenienced or unloved because we are diverse?

No, no, no!

Do we find that our sanctuary is still a place of holiness and refuge for all?

Do we find ourselves blessed by the talents and innovative ideas from those whose voice might never be heard?

Do we find ourselves to continue to be a warm welcoming community of faith open and prepared for new challenges?

Yes, of course!

Our founding minister Ray Bristol who was a man of great vision wrote these words:

“Wherever you go this week, whoever you meet, remember to be kind and gentle, to be thoughtful and gracious: for you know not what burdens others may bear in their hearts or in their minds or in their bodies.”

Now of equal vision and a man of the times, our minister Arthur Stewart closes each Sunday with:

“May God bless you and those you care about….and even those you don’t.”


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