News from AllianceQ: July 2021

Love as much as possible: Reflections from the EDM

I recently shared communion with my stepdad, mother, brother, aunt and childhood pastor. At my stepdad’s bedside, we broke bread and drank from the cup. My childhood pastor had precisely the right words for the moment when he said he wakes every day and tries to love as much as possible.

Many mornings my thoughts turn to my lack of sleep or a to-do list. This mantra is common: “let’s enjoy every moment of this day and every day.”

Pastor Gregg, thank you for reminding me and my family (and repositioning me within my own ministry) to “love as much as possible.”

Noted in the sending forth in the AllianceQ Pride worship service, “individual and corporate social media profiles will pivot from an all-rainbows-all-the-time motif back to whatever they looked like on May 31. The pages of Pride month are composed, but tomorrow’s story is still to be told.” Love is love t-shirts and swag and rainbow banners and logos disappear from the media.

“We must not resume a heteropatriarchal cis-white worshiping culture. We must come out, remember, resist, rise up and write on…” We must transform the story. We must love as much as possible every day.

What love looks like for AllianceQ

In July and August, we are:

Thank you for being part of this movement with your presence, prayers, financial support and embodiment of God’s limitless love for all.

The bread and cup are for all. Every body is an important part of the Body of Christ and God’s love story.


P.S. I will likely be out of the office or away from email more than usual. I’ll be spending time with my family and with ministries across the United States (albeit with a slow and safe reentry to travel and groups). I’ll be loving as much as possible. And completing a grant application. The dollars help make this ministry possible. If you’re so moved, I invite you to make a special contribution to our ongoing Give Out Day campaign.

P.P.S. How are you tending to spiritual and mental wellbeing? I’m participating in NBA’s event “Hope & Healing” and making use of their mental health and wellness resources.

Hope & Healing: Tending to Our Spiritual and Mental Wellbeing After Crisis and Trauma