News from AllianceQ: July 2021

AllianceQ is sponsoring the August 7 Disciples Virtual Gathering - Gather with the Church

The Disciples Virtual Gathering is an opportunity for Disciples to connect, learn, worship, and imagine new ways of gathering as church.

Our day together will focus on the covenant we share as Disciples and the promise of Romans 8:38-39 that nothing can separate us from the love of God. The program will consist of bible lectures, educational workshops, and worship service, with invited speakers and presenters focusing on our theme.

In addition to sponsoring this churchwide event, AllianceQ will host the workshop “Bridging the gap between racial, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity.”

Movements for racial justice and LGBTQ+ liberation are often conceived as having separate trajectories. In this workshop, we will discuss how movements for racial and LGBTQ+ liberation are deeply intertwined. We will examine the interconnected history of justice movements and hear stories from folks in our community reconciling racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities to advance a ministry of liberation and inclusion. Storytellers will speak from various identities and locations; participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences. This session seeks to transform the narrative depicting communities of color and LGBTQ+ communities as mutually exclusive and challenges us to envision a new chapter of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion for our Church. Contextually-derived models of inclusion grow out of relationship; graceful engagement and storytelling are tools for deepening relationships within and between faith communities so that we can begin to bridge the gap between racial, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity.

Full details and registration for the virtual gathering here: