News from AllianceQ: March 2023

Intersectional solidarity and collective liberation: a reflection from Council Member Nadia Tavera

The Creating Change Conference was held in San Francisco, California, February 17-20. More than 3,000 attendants gathered in the Ohlone territory. There was a representation of people from all parts of the country and diverse backgrounds, united with one purpose: to keep building a future where everyone can be free to be their entire selves in every aspect of their lives.

Many travel long distances to be there. I just crossed the Bay Bridge from Oakland to join the multitude to put my grain of sand. 

The first question I asked myself was ¿What is my role here?

I love diversity, and if you live in a state like California, you know what this means. I knew I was there as a pastor, activist, and queer Latine looking for liberation. As a Christian, I believe that God is always using us in every place we are, even if we are not fully conscious.

Nadia Tavera represents AllianceQ at Creating Change.

I  enjoyed connecting with people after the sessions, during lunch, and with those who visited the colorful booth of AllianceQ. Initially, it was a challenge for me to share about our work setting a place at the table; especially with all those who expressed that they were not religious. Suddenly I realized that people were looking for a connection after two years without an in-person conference.

There, I could feel the Divine bringing joy to them when we shared about the Colors of Hope devotional, our silverware, or any other item on our table. Even others enjoyed tying a ribbon to our rainbow; for me, every connection was an experience of spreading hope. 

Pictured under our rainbow arch: AllianceQ Executive Director + Minister Melissa Guthrie and UCC ONA Coalition Executive Director Dr. Katrina Roseboro-Marsh.


My role in this event was proclaiming the good news of unconditional love, using my faith as a vehicle for change and justice, and coming together to open a path of intersectional solidarity and collective liberation.