News from AllianceQ: June 2021

Colors of Hope Rainbow Podcast

We’re excited to share the rainbow podcast from our moderators Rev. Luther Young, Jr. and Alysha Laperche. Listen here!
Luther Young says, “Pride month is upon us yet again, a time when LGBTQ+ people celebrate, commemorate and commune with one another; sharing in the joy of how far we’ve come, grieving our losses and challenges yet hoping for an even brighter future for queer people… Our glamorous, glittery, grandiose and enigmatic queerness is a gift from God and no matter what this world manages to take from us, the gift of who we are is something that no one can take away.”
Alysha Laperche prays, “God is not lingering at a distance, God dwells in the world around us, God is enfleshed in queer love. God is made manifest in trans bodies; God is present in every body that suffers from prejudice, discrimination or broken relationships. If you want to experience God, look around, listen, embrace and care for her body in the flesh of your neighbor.”
The rainbow podcast concludes this year’s Colors of Hope series. 


Chrissy Stonebraker-Martinez reflects on PURPLE and SPIRIT. Listen to the purple podcast here!Michael Marren Jennys reflects on BLUE and HARMONY/SERENITY. They speak about breathing: “Groaning and sighing are words I hear from the [scripture] passage that hit really close to home as a trans person. I feel the ache of all my trans siblings as anti-trans bills and anti-trans sentiment sweep across the nation. I hold a lot of stress in my body because I know what it’s like to have others say my body can’t be free to be what I needed to be…” Listen to the blue podcast here! Find the manuscript here.Logan Rozos reflects on TURQUOISE and MAGIC/ART. He speaks about hope, community and ties of love. Listen to the turquoise podcast here! Find the manuscript here.FMelissa Guthrie Loy brings a disability justice lens to her reflection on Psalm 98 alongside the color GREEN and theme of NATURE. Listen to the green podcast here! Find the manuscript here.William DeShay Jackson calls themself an aspiring womanist co-conspirator. With a womanist lens, DeShay reflects on the scripture and sprinkles in the color YELLOW and the theme of SUNLIGHT.  Listen to the yellow podcast here! Find the manuscript here.Kyle Miller-Shawnee brings a message about the color ORANGE and the theme of HEALING. In his intro, Kyle speaks: “We ought to lay down our lives for one another says the writer of the letter. And yet, what liberation does this commandment get those like me whose families considered conversion therapy long before they considered addressing systemic family-derived and directed homophobia? What liberation does this text offer our black trans sisters who face fatal abuse from their neighbors, employers, their families, even their spouses?” Listen to the orange podcast here. Find the manuscript here.Nadia Tavera speaks about the color RED and the theme of LIFE. Listen to the red podcast here! Find the manuscript here.Rev. Sandhya Jha delivers a message about community, proclamation, and courage through the lens of the color PINK and the theme of SEX. Listen to the pink podcast here. Find the manuscript here.Many thanks to the contributors!We invite you to use some or all of Colors of Hope for study, small group, preaching, prayer.

Prompts to wonder, engage, embody, create and share

In 2020, we invited you to pair these practices with a day of the week. Every Monday: Wonder. Every Tuesday: Engage… and so on. Live into this invitation as it serves you in the space in which you find yourself.WonderWhat one word or theme would you assign to this color? Why? Where do you see this color within your home and outdoors? With what song or genre of music does this color connect? What memory does this color bring to mind? What action does this color bring to mind?EngageListen to the podcast presented by a queer faith leader. We’re excited to feature the voices of clergy and seminarians who add color to our world. Each podcast explores a text from the Revised Common Lectionary. The stories and perspectives will enrich your week.EmbodyWhat might you do to embody hope as it relates to this week’s color and theme? Pray in color. Walk. Dance. Journal. Bake or cook. Paint. Garden. Play…CreateCompose a poem. Make art. Take pictures. Sew. Stitch. Crochet. Bake. There’s an overlap with the invitation to embody this color and theme. Is there something you can create as a result of yesterday’s embodied practice?ShareShare with us and the AllianceQ community. What made you wonder? In what ways did the scripture and podcast engage you? How did you embody this color and theme? What did you create? We are excited to hear and see it all! Send material to By submitting your material, you give permission for Disciples AllianceQ to publish all or portions of the content with attribution.

Colors of Hope is a bridge to Pride month — celebrate Pride with AllianceQ

You’re invited to celebrate Pride with AllianceQ throughout the month of June. Plan to worship with us on June 27. “Transforming the Story” is the 2021 Pride worship theme.

Show Your Pride

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