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A Church that Welcomes Everyone

Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance, 2017 (format: free-download)

A brochure that explains what it mean to be a welcoming Open & Affirming congregation to people who haven’t heard of GLAD, O&A, or even the Disciples.

Great for having on hand for visitors to your church, for new members, or on a table at a street fair or gay pride festival.

A one sheet half fold brochure with room to insert your congregation’s name and contact information.

Print double sided black and white or color, on plain paper or glossy.

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Alliance Q and O&A Logos

(format: free-download)

Here are several logos from the Alliance Q. Please note that these logos are copyright by the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance and can only be used by permission. We authorize and encourage the O&A Ministries listed on this site to use these logos on your website and printed materials to proclaim your Open & Affirming welcome. Others may apply for permission to use these logos at [email protected].

Contact Mark Johnston at [email protected] if your needs require other formats.

The Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance Logo

300dpi for print

72dpi for web

The Open & Affirming Ministry Logo

300dpi for print

72dpi for web

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Why Be Openly Welcome?

GLAD Alliance, 2013 (format: Free Download)

A bookmark highlighting the need for churches to welcome LGBT people explicitly. Useful when encouraging others to consider becoming Open & Affirming at your regional assembly, a clergy gathering, or anywhere your congregation has a display or event with other churches.

Print double sided in color or black and white, on card stock or paper, and then cut in thirds.

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