News from AllianceQ: October 2018

Worship Resources for National Coming Out Day - October 11

AllianceQ Council Member Rev. Tyler Heston has provided us with a litany, a prayer, and other resources for National Coming Out Day, October 11. You can incorporate these into your worship this Sunday, or anytime, for that matter.

Here’s the opening litany, and download this PDF for more, including information about National Coming Out Day and links for more resources.


We invite you to use or adapt this litany as a call to worship or another worship element in prayer and proclamation of the belonging the church extends to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

One: We are gathered by the God who creates;
All: The God who liberates and heals.
One: We are filled by the Spirit who breathes life into our bodies;
All: The Spirit who brings us together as one.
One: We are led by Christ, whose yoke is easy.
All: By Christ, whose burden is light.
One: Though we are many, we are united in grace,
All: We a mosaic made in God’s image.
One: Though we are many, we are God’s children,
All: We are beautiful in the colors we express of God’s love.