News from AllianceQ: November 2015

What's in a Name?

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

– Juliet

The GLAD Alliance began in 1979 as a group of Disciples who started networking and attending to the issues of gay and lesbian people in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It was 8 years later, meeting at a Presbyterian church just prior to the 1987 Louisville Assembly that the group named the organization Gay, Lesbian and Affirming Disciples Alliance.

Since then, the Alliance has accomplished much. Lesbian and gay members find welcome in many of our churches, openly gay and lesbian pastors have been ordained in many of our regions, and the welcome of LGBT people is discussed and moving forward in many of our churches after the passage of GA-1327 Becoming a People of Grace and Welcome to All at the Orlando General Assembly in 2013.

Yet, since 1987 the Alliance has learned much and expanded its vision. Thirty years ago the Alliance had yet to learn the importance of welcoming our bi and transgender members to the table.

The GLAD Alliance has for several years been committed to the welcome of persons of all gender expressions and identities and all sexual orientations, but our name does not reflect that commitment. A rose may smell as sweet by another name, but a name that doesn’t welcome all doesn’t fit with the mission and vision of the Alliance.

The GLAD Alliance Council is committed to renaming the Alliance early in 2016 and is looking for suggestions for a new name for the Alliance. The Council hopes to find a name that communicates:

  • Welcome to all persons with a focus on persons of all gender expressions and identities and all sexual orientations.
  • Welcome to people of all races and ethnicities.
  • Welcome to people of all ages.
  • A forward looking Alliance seeking intersectional justice for all.

Yes, that’s a tall order. Do you have a suggestion?

Click here and let us know your ideas!