News from AllianceQ: August 2015

Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon Celebrates the Events in Tulsa, 1991, as the Work of the Spirit

Dr. Michael Kinnamon was the nominee for General Minister and President at the General Assembly in Tulsa, OK, in 1991. That nomination was defeated by a mere fraction of a percent – a two-thirds vote was required and the vote failed by less than 1%. Why? Those who opposed him did so because he was honest about his membership in the GLAD Alliance as one piece of his witness to justice.

This year, at the General Assembly in Columbus, Michael spoke at an Aftersession hosted by GLAD and DJAN (Disciples Justice Action Network). Michael shared with us his perspective that even when there appears to be a defeat, the Spirit is working, and the history of the past 24 years shows that to be true.

You can read his remarks here.