News from AllianceQ: February 2021

Intersectional Justice: Council Update from Moderator Rev. Luther Young

Hello Disciples!

Following our Council Retreat last fall, I wrote to you with a few areas that our Council members and Executive Director + Minister agreed to dedicate our focus. One of those areas is intersectional justice.

In order to live into our commitment to equity and justice, Council members began the year by engaging in a process of individual and collective reflection. For the next several months, the Council will participate in activities and conversations to identify and challenge our own individual biases, evaluate racial equity within AllianceQ, and brainstorm ways to make AllianceQ a truly antiracist organization.

We are excited to do this hard and necessary work. As I have said before, AllianceQ strives to be the example of diversity, equity, and justice for the rest of the Church to follow. Together, we will ensure a place at the table for all of God’s beloved children.

Rev. Luther Young, Council Moderator