“I learned what it means to be authentic” at the Colors of Hope Retreat

"I learned what it means to be authentic" at the Colors of Hope Retreat

Many thanks to the sponsors and supporters who helped make the Colors of Hope Retreat possible and exceptional: Chalice MediaNational Benevolent Association, and Pension Fund.

Retreat participants are posting photos and reflections on their socials, and we’re collecting feedback:

“I found time for rest, fellowship, study, fun, and so much more! I felt loved, I felt safe, I felt challenged, and I felt supported as a community!”

“The best part was how connected I felt to so many people through some really valuable and life-giving conversations. The accommodations were beautiful and the grounds were gorgeous.”

“You all defined ‘Retreat’ with this one. My wife and I were blessed beyond words to have been a part of such an eye opening, hope renewed, and faith restored gathering of our true siblings.”

“I learned about what it means to be authentic in the midst of a group of folks who are not at all ashamed to share the wholeness of themselves. For a long time I have been what everyone else needs me to be, but I think slowly actually breaking down the many faces I have created to show the world me, pridefully, is a new appreciation I learned at this retreat.”

You can find a blog post from Brad Lyons with Chalice Press here: Hoping in Color: The Sacred Community of the Colors of Hope Retreat.”​​