News from AllianceQ: April 2019

How is AllianceQ Funded?

From time to time we get a question about how AllianceQ is supported, similar to this one that came in last week:

… how is Alliance Q funded? Is this ministry under the Disciples Home Missions umbrella?

What we’re really fishing for is this: when we send the Disciples Mission Fund our check every month, does a portion, however minuscule, go to Alliance Q? We hope that’s the case!

And the answer?

Well… no – the Alliance is a stand-alone 401c3 organization, outside the funding structures of the church. We have sometimes wondered if we should try to find a place inside the church, but beside not knowing how that might happen, we’ve always decided not to pursue the idea in order to maintain our prophetic independence.

So – the answer is – AllianceQ is funded by contributions from our members, from O&A congregations, and a small amount from a foundation.

You can find information about how we have been funded in the past by looking at the report to membership that we made to members at the last General Assembly.

So – we welcome any support that your congregation can send our way, any memberships that you can encourage. Do let us know if you’d like to be added to the list of churches participating in our Membership Challenge.