News from AllianceQ: September 2020

Better Together

As Disciples we share a radically wide table.

RECORD your own better together message. 1. Introduce yourself. Share your name, pronouns, title(s), location. 2. Proclaim “when all are at the table, we are better together.”

SEND pictures that illustrate the better together message.

SUBMIT stories that illustrate the better together message. In 500 words or less, tell about a moment in your life or faith community that illustrates God’s expansive love and hospitality. How do you or how does your church affirm that each of us embodies the image of God?

Send videos, pictures and stories to AllianceQ will consider submissions for publication on an ongoing basis with editorial discretion.

Join the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance for workshops and town halls.


Open: Exploring a Wide(r) Welcome

As we celebrate our tradition of gathering at the table, join with other Disciples throughout the Mid-America — and across the country and Canada! — to hear and share stories of welcome.Church communities who are living into what it means to be Open & Affirming will share experiences of joy and struggle. AllianceQ leaders will provide relevant definitions and explanations as well as an overview of resources for the journey of welcome, for those who are beginning or re-engaging their welcome. A panel of Mid-America O&A Team Members will respond to questions. We know we are all in different places; join us at the table as we explore its wide welcome. 9 a.m. PDT | 10 a.m. MDT | 11 a.m. CDT | 12 p.m. EDT

All details and virtual access to this workshop here. Interested in going deeper? Come to the second workshop: “Affirming.”


Affirming: Living Out the Ministry of Welcome

Stop being (just) a welcoming church. How do we move from a potentially passive practice of welcome to active ministry that includes all, particularly those who have historically felt excluded from church life and practice? Living into the call to practice welcome and embody radical hospitality requires new tools and intentional conversations. Join with the Open & Affirming Team of Mid-America as we draw upon scripture to shape practices for expanding and deepening welcome within and beyond our churches. This conversation is shaped for those who are familiar with the Open & Affirming process, ready to take next steps to become O&A, or who have been living it and need new tools to continue this work.

All details and virtual access to this workshop here.

Love is an Action Word

In a series of virtual town halls, Reconciliation Ministry and the Office of the General Minister and President continue to facilitate conversation about love and justice. The October 8 town hall will focus on race, gender, and sexual identity. Read more about the anti-racism town halls here.