News from AllianceQ: Crossbeams September 2020

Sometimes old news is good news! Check out previous editions of Crossbeams here.

RIOT must continue

God is calling us to turn over every table of injustice. RIOT must continue. As a part of June’s Pride worship service, RIOT: Turning Over Tables, we considered the ways God is inviting us to turn over every table of injustice — through revolution, with intention, taking advantage of all opportunity, opening ourselves to God’s transformation. We return to these four … Continue reading RIOT must continue

Because everybody counts

Because everybody counts, we urge you to complete the 2020 census and vote. Encourage and assist friends and family so that everybody completes the census and votes. Fill out the census here at https://2020census.gov/.  Our General Minister and President emphasizes that “filling out the census and voting are two ways you can show up and … Continue reading Because everybody counts

Anti-Racism Town Halls

In a series of virtual town halls, Reconciliation Ministry and the Office of the General Minister and President continue to facilitate conversation about love and justice. The October 8 town hall will focus on race, gender, and sexual identity. Previous town hall recordings can be found here. Sept. 10 – Love is an Action Word: … Continue reading Anti-Racism Town Halls

Better Together

As Disciples we share a radically wide table. RECORD your own better together message. 1. Introduce yourself. Share your name, pronouns, title(s), location. 2. Proclaim “when all are at the table, we are better together.” SEND pictures that illustrate the better together message. SUBMIT stories that illustrate the better together message. In 500 words or … Continue reading Better Together

Bi+ Pride

#BiWeek is September 16-23. Co-founded by GLAAD, Bisexual+ Awareness Week seeks to accelerate acceptance of the bi+ (bisexual, pansexual, fluid, no label, queer, etc.) community. #BiWeek draws attention to the experiences, while also celebrating the resiliency of, the bisexual+ community. Bi+? Visit the Bisexual Resource Center for a wealth of resources. From Bi+ 101: What … Continue reading Bi+ Pride

Fall 2020 Council Election

The September 7 voting deadline approaches. If you are a current member with AllianceQ, you should have received a fall 2020 election packet. Not a member? Become a member or renew your membership with the Alliance. Not sure if you’re a member? Contact us.  The Council of the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance is a leadership team … Continue reading Fall 2020 Council Election