News from AllianceQ: June 2019

What Have Our Regional O&A Teams Been Up To Lately?

AllianceQ’s Regional Open & Affirming Ministry Teams have been busy! These teams are each working to increase Open & Affirming Ministry in their own time and place. Their work is networking affirming Disciples in the region, creating a presence in the region, and their presence is offering a resource in the region.

  • Our team in Greater Kansas City is participating in an inter-faith Pride service and gathering Disciples in the region to be present at Kansas City Pride.
  • Our team in Georgia is hosting a barbecue to gather affirming and queer Disciples in the region and to make plans for their presence at Atlanta Pride.
  • Our team in North Carolina is building up relationships with pastors and regional leadership.
  • Our team in Nebraska is making plans to be in touch with pastors in the region to offer resources and encouragement.
  • Our teams in Ohio and in the Upper Midwest recently hosted Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit Trainings. Almost 60 people attended the two trainings!
  • Our team in Northern California-Nevada hosted a workshop at their Regional Gathering, and is now making plans for a regional presence at Oakland Pride.
  • Our team in Illinois-Wisconsin is working to create a presence in the region and offer support to pastors.
  • And our teams in Central Rocky Mountain, Mid-America, and other regions have been busy creating a presence and offering resources.

Teams have formed in more than a dozen of our regions. If you are interested in joining your regional team – or helping form a team in your region – contact Mark Johnston, Executive Director of the Open & Affirming Ministry Program, at