Trans Awareness Week: Trans 101

Trans Awareness Week: Trans 101

L, G, B and T.

“These letters were an evolution toward inclusion — an expansion of the language used to represent a disparate group that had often just been called ‘the gay community.’ Despite their intent, the letters proved to be limiting.

Times and attitudes have changed, and the language used to discuss sexual orientation and gender identity has also changed.” -“The ABCs of L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+” [1]

Language is a living thing.

“Transgender 101: The ‘T’ in LGBT” was recorded in March 2021. Request the video and PowerPoint slides here.

Topics about transgender, gender nonconforming (GNC) and gender-diverse people have been prominent in the news, in television and movies, and in public opinion. What does “transgender” even mean, let alone “genderfluid”?

Who gets to pick what bathroom or locker room transgender people use? What about teachers who refuse to call a student by their preferred name — or their legal name?

Whether you know and love any transgender or gender nonconforming people or whether it’s all new to you, this 90-minute workshop and Q+A session will provide basic facts and understanding for the personal and political aspects of transgender and GNC people in the world and in the church. Facilitated by Robin Knauerhase, former Council Moderator and Research Scientist (Retired), Intel Corporation.

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There was no cost to participate in the workshop. To continue providing resources and to widen this ministry we encouraged those who are able to make a financial gift by selecting any of the suggested registration types. If you wish to make a small contribution for the video, thank you! Also, we want you to have the resources so please request the materials with no obligation to donate.

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Do you need help deciphering the entire alphabet soup?

  • Scan our print and media resources here, including the replay of a webinar co-hosted by AllianceQ and the Disciples Seminary Foundation.
  • Contact us with questions or to ask for a specific resource on a given topic.

Join us for a Transgender Day of Remembrance Worship Service November 20, 2021

  • Remembering Our Stories is a Transgender Day of Remembrance worship service on Saturday, November 20, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

    Honoring the memory of the transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence, this service calls us to be agents of justice as part of God’s love story.

    The worship service will stream live from the AllianceQ Facebook page.  Register here for reminders and links to the livestream on November 20.

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[2] “Transgender Day of Visibility,” GLSEN

[3] “T” image from Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health