News from AllianceQ: March 2020

Resources for Families, All Flavors of Families

We find belonging with birth families and blended families and families of choice.

For those who don’t know they belong, we pray. For those who don’t yet welcome all, we pray. For ways in which we can all affirm the worth and welcome of one another, we offer these prayers and resources.

Creator God, you have made all things beautifully and in your image. As we lift up the diversity of your creation, teach us to love people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. Let the LGBTQIA+ community see themselves in you.

Loving Spirit, teach us compassion to embrace the gifts you give. In our differences, teach us to love fully and radically all of your children as their true and whole selves. Lead us with courage to be advocates for all people just as you sent your advocate through the Holy Spirit.

Welcoming One, walk alongside your leaders in this church, both rostered and lay people alike. As they lead your people to love as Jesus taught us to love, set their hearts on the work of social justice; to be voices for those who have no voice; to advocate for the full participation of our LGBTQIA+ siblings in the church and this world. Provide them with the courage to boldly proclaim welcome to all of your people.

Prayers adapted from our Lutheran partners at Reconciling Works.

Resources for families focused on belonging:

Always My Son

A 15-minute video about a family’s journey produced by the Family Acceptance Project. The Family Acceptance Project also offers this “Supportive Families, Healthy Children” booklet. The booklet is a Best Practices Resource for Suicide Prevention.

Body and Soul: We Belong

This series of six videos is produced by Room for All, the welcoming church program similar to AllianceQ in the Reformed Church in America.

Because of my son

Daphne Reiley, a parent and First Christian Church of Decatur member, is the author of Love, Then Listen: Sharing My Son’s Journey Toward His True Gender. “Because of my son” is a Story of Welcome written for AllianceQ.

You can find additional resources here. Enter “family” in the search bar. Contact us for more info and dialogue about families and belonging.

Read about membership + belonging in general.

Reflections on parenting + queerness can be found here.