News from AllianceQ: May 2018

Regional Open & Affirming Teams Hit the Ground Running

You may have heard that the Open & Affirming Ministry Program is working to build Regional Open & Affirming Teams in our Disciples regions. We currently have some work started in about a dozen of our 32 Disciples regions, with a few phone contacts made in 2 or 3 other regions.

Some of our teams are already up and running, and here’s a brief recap of recent activity:

  • Our Georgia Region O&A Team was present at their Regional Assembly in Columbus GA, last weekend, April 27-28 and has schedule a Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit Training at First Christian Church, Atlanta, for September 8.
  • Our Mid-America Region O&A Team was present at their Regional Assembly in Hannibal, MO, April 20-21. The team is also planning regional presence at the upcoming Pride Festival in St. Louis and the Greater Ozarks Pridefest in Hannibal.
  • In North Carolina, the Regional O&A Team has scheduled a Building an Inclusive Church Training for June 9 in Cary.
  • In the Illinois-Wisconsin Region, the regional office invited Mark Johnston to provide a Building an Inclusive Church Training. This happened last weekend, and at that event a group gathered to connect the region’s welcoming work to AllianceQ’s Open & Affirming Ministry Program.
  • The Northern California-Nevada Regional O&A Team was present at their Regional Assembly in Woodland, CA, April 20-21.

And there is much more going on!

Whether a team is started in your region or not, whether you have a lot of time to offer or a little, whether you think you have “the skills” or not: It is your desire to see more welcome in your region that means you too should join the team!

If you are interested in serving on an O&A Team in your region, be in touch with Mark Johnston at