News from AllianceQ: February 2018

Regional O&A Teams Forming - There's a Place for You!

The Open & Affirming Ministry Program works to build a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) where are all are welcome at the table by educating and building up Open & Affirming Congregations and Ministries across the country. While Mark Johnston, Executive Director of the Open & Affirming Ministry Program, has been working hard and traveling for the past several years, there is only so much that one person can accomplish. That is why the Open & Affirming Ministry Program is working to build up Regional O&A teams across our church.

Dr. Johnston tells us that there are several reasons for building up these Regional O&A Teams. Yes, regional teams can accomplish so much more than one person can across the US and Canada. Also, regional teams can better understand regional needs and culture, and regional teams can be more closely connected to congregations.

There are many things that regional teams can do, yet it is Dr. Johnston’s vision for these teams that in each region the teams would do what’s most appropriate for their regions. Some teams may create a regional assembly presence. Some may invite Dr. Johnston to the region to present a Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit Training. Others may call pastors who are in need of support as their congregations consider becoming O&A and shepherd these congregations through the process. Teams might work to network the O&A congregations in the region for support and encouragement as well as mutual ministry. And in many of our regions, several of these ideas and others may be pursued.

This is where you come in! In 11 of our regions, there is a budding Regional O&A Team. In some regions this is simply someone who has volunteered to help find more team members. In other regions a teams has started to sprout and is developing plans.

Many different skills are needed, so no matter your strengths, if you are interested in helping build a church where all are welcome to the table in your region, contact Mark Johnston at for more information.