News from AllianceQ: May 2019

Pictures of North Christian Church at Columbus Indiana Pride!

Pastor Tonja M. Gerardy of North Christian Church, an Open & Affirming Congregation in Columbus, IN, shared these pictures of their Pride presence last month.

Twenty-one folks from North Christian Church had a GREAT time at the 2nd annual Columbus Pride Fest on Saturday, April 13! It was a beautiful day and we had wonderful conversations from people from all walks of life at the booth. About 25 people signed up to receive NCC’s newsletter, and one couple joined in worship the following day.

It was fun to be directly across from the Unitarian Universalist booth, and our friends from First Presbyterian, First United Methodist, and St. Paul’s Episcopal were on hand with wonderful booths, as well!

The drag show was especially fantastic, thanks to our favorite drag queen: NCC’s own, Jasmine Monet!

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