News from AllianceQ: December 2016

Pastoral Counseling and Education Team Revitalized

Greetings from your PCE team! We are officially up and running everyone! The PCE team is here as a resource to our LGBTQIA friends as well as our church leaders and allies who want more education and training on what it means to truly welcome ALL to our churches. We have gathered a variety of resources which are now listed on the GLAAD website. We will be creating a blog for on-going conversation of creating liturgy specific to the LGBTQIA community and current events. We have passed on a response to the election results as well as the fear that has come along with it.

Now that we are up and running, we could always use your help! In collecting of resources, if you have any worship liturgy, music, sermon ideas, themes, etc that you have done, we’d love to post it to share with our greater community! Also, we will be taking on different projects along with current events, so as things are happening, stay tuned to our blog and website to find out how you can help, where you can lend your support, or where you can go for a safe space.

We are excited to be walking along with our fellow disciples, learning in love how to best support, embrace, and celebrate the beauty of diversity God has created. We are here for you if you have questions on how to minister to someone in your church, or how to approach a pastor or leader you are not sure whether is an ally. We are here to support you! Let us know how we can help.

Grace and peace,

The PCE team