News from AllianceQ: December 2018

Our History

Can you believe that the Alliance is celebrating 40 years at the next General Assembly?!?

You may remember that 20 years ago we published this booklet regarding our early history.

As part of celebrating this milestone, we want to share our memories of the past 20 years with each other.

     Do you have a fond memory that relates to AllianceQ from the past 20 years?

     Or perhaps a struggle through which your church was able to journey with you?

     Do you have a photo that you want to share?

     Perhaps a story about your church becoming Open & Affirming?

     Or what it has been like for you to be a part of an Open & Affirming congregation?

Please send anything you have, from the smallest memory to the most important events.

We will assume that you have permission to use any names that you include, and also that you have permission to share any photos that you send. (We do want to know the names of people who appear in your photos!)

Send your submissions to and please note “History” in the subject line.