News from AllianceQ: December 2015

Open & Affirming Evangelism - Reaching Out to Young Adults and Your LGBT Neighbors

Is evangelism a dirty word in your church vocabulary? Does it make you think of preachers with fire and brimstone sermons and people who knock on your door with tracts about hell and damnation?

Mentioned in this presentation are some resources for UCC congregations. Disciples Open & Affirming congregations are welcome to download logos and resources from the Downloads section under Resources on GLAD’s website.

No! Our Open & Affirming presence in the Christian Church is, itself, evangelism, witnessing to the good news that all are welcome at the table of God’s love.

Evangelism is all about making good on our commitment to be open about our affirmation and being active ministers of God’s affirming love for all.

This slide show from Andy Lang, Executive Director of the UCC Open & Affirming Coalition, shows how evangelism is a coming out, speaks to your neighbors both LGBT and straight, and is especially important to reaching young adults.