News from AllianceQ: July-August 2019

New Toolkit is Here!

The new version 3.0 of the Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit is here – along with a Companion written by Mark Johnston, Executive Director of the AllianceQ Open & Affirming Ministry Program.

The Toolkit v. 3.0 includes updates of the good advice for congregations ready to consider engaging an Open & Affirming process along with new Tools included on Scriptural Engagement and on Sexual Orentation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression, and updated resources.

And wait – there’s more! The new Companion to the Building an Inclusive Church Toolkit for Disciples of Christ Congregations by Mark Johnston provides a few more insights gleaned from his years of experience leading Toolkit training workshops for Disciples along with resources useful for DOC churches.

This Companion also includes the Congregational Assessment Tool, updated for DOC congregations, which you might choose to use rather than the online version offered in the Toolkit 3.0.

You can download both the Toolkit and the Companion by clicking here.