News from AllianceQ: March 2020

In line online: Reflections from the EDM

*Contributed by Melissa Guthrie Loy on March 16

God’s love is boundless and boundary-less.

What if this season is not one of limits but one of expansion? What if we expand the ways we worship, the ways we connect, the ways we love? May we be intentional about worshiping together beyond building walls and may we intentionally build up one another. That is, I think, what the kin-dom of God looks like. And it doesn’t require us to be in the same room. With all the room we have between us, perhaps there’s room for experiencing and acknowledging and honoring the holy in unbounded, abounding ways.

I suspect we’re all online A LOT. We’re scanning the most recent news, tweeting the handwashing regimen, posting the sixth picture in our camera roll to brighten someone’s day. (Confession: My sixth picture was a screenshot of “what to do if you feel sick and suspect it’s the coronavirus” so I made my own rules—I often do—and I picked a pic of my toddler making a beautiful mess with paint and play-doh.)

As we spend time online, with what are we aligned? Are we in line with our authentic selves? Are we in line with sincere relationships? May we be in line with the hope, joy, peace, grace, mercy and love of God. May we live out and live into God’s limitless love.

Worship online: for a service that is streamed live, for a service that your ministers craft and record (even if the camera angle isn’t great or if the music is canned). Worship online: by continuing to give to faith communities, by extending hope and encouragement. Worship online: by reading and proclaiming the gospel’s good news. Worship online: by practicing the handwashing and social distancing. Worship online: by sharing, distributing and stewarding resources. Like God’s love, worship knows no bounds.

Blessings, Church. May we be the Church in line with God’s limitless love.