News from AllianceQ: December 2017

How You Can Bring More Open & Affirming to Your Region

At the General Assembly in July, Mark Johnston, Executive Director of AllianceQ’s Open & Affirming Ministry Program, announced that his major initiative for the coming year is to build up regional Open & Affirming Ministry Teams. In each of our Disciples Regions, the goal is find a dedicated and passionate group of people to increase the welcome of LGBTQ people and all people in our Disciples churches.

Dr. Johnston shares with us his vision: “Certainly, I alone can’t work with every Disciples congregation in the US and Canada to increase welcome and affirmation in all of our churches, but I do know that there are people in each region who can move this vision forward. And it’s also true, that I can’t speak with an appropriate midwestern twang, southern drawl, or whatever that accent in Minnesota is called, … ok, what I’m saying is, you know your region, its culture and history better than I do – so who better than you to join with us to reach your Region?”

Teams are forming in several regions.* Various skills are needed, so if your strength is keeping an eye on the calendar, public speaking, making phone calls, writing emails, or cheerleading – yes, you have something to offer. Contact Mark at to find out more and to learn where you might fit in.

* Teams are getting started in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, Northwest, and Ohio. Whether your region is on this list or not, contact Mark at if you’re interested in helping.