News from AllianceQ: December 2017

How You Can Bring More Open & Affirming to Your Region

At the General Assembly in July, Mark Johnston, Executive Director of AllianceQ’s Open & Affirming Ministry Program, announced that his major initiative for the coming year is to build up regional Open & Affirming Ministry Teams. In each of our Disciples Regions, the goal is find a dedicated and passionate group of people to increase the welcome of LGBTQ people and all people in our Disciples churches.

Dr. Johnston shares with us his vision: “Certainly, I alone can’t work with every Disciples congregation in the US and Canada to increase welcome and affirmation in all of our churches, but I do know that there are people in each region who can move this vision forward. And it’s also true, that I can’t speak with an appropriate midwestern twang, southern drawl, or whatever that accent in Minnesota is called, … ok, what I’m saying is, you know your region, its culture and history better than I do – so who better than you to join with us to reach your Region?”

Teams are forming in several regions.* Various skills are needed, so if your strength is keeping an eye on the calendar, public speaking, making phone calls, writing emails, or cheerleading – yes, you have something to offer. Contact Mark at [email protected] to find out more and to learn where you might fit in.

* Teams are getting started in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, Northwest, and Ohio. Whether your region is on this list or not, contact Mark at [email protected] if you’re interested in helping.